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Diet Sheet

Number of meals and approx times

Puppy food                                                                                                            

2-3 months         4 Meals a day                      6-8am / 11am-1pm / 3-5pm / 7-8pm last one 4 hours before bed.

3-6 months         3 Meals a day                       6-8am / 11am-1pm / 5-7pm                                                                          

6-12 months       2 meals a day                      6-8am / 5-7pm                                                                                                

12 months on     2 meals                                  6-8am / 5-7pm    Adult food

Foods your puppy has been reared on dry food/wet food and raw.

Breakfast     Complete dry food -Naturediet Puppy and/or Arden Grange puppy junior 

Lunch            Naturediet wet food puppy/junior                                                                                                              

Tea                 Complete dry as Breakfast                                                                                                                       

Supper          Raw meat / scrambled egg

Food provided with your puppy

I will arrange for a Naturediet puppy box with dry and wet foods to be delivered to your home. I can give you Arden Grange and/ or raw frozen meat to take with you if you wish.

Amounts to feed

I feed my pups to appetite while here. But you may find approximate amounts for a single puppy/dog on the packaging of the Dry foods. Raw meals are approx. 50-100g at 8 weeks increasing with age. All dry food is fed as-is dry as they have their teeth by 8 weeks and no longer need it to be soaked.   Feed puppy versions of Dry food until 1 year and if changing varieties please do so slowly. 1/3rd new food 2/3rd original for 3 days then 2/3rd new food 1/3rd for 3 days until all new if no change in the stools.

How to feed

Feed at regular times but not exact (as they may become upset if you cant be there on the dot). Feed in the same place preferably in their crate if not watching them then take out to defecate immediately as pups usually do so after meals. Don’t leave them with food for more than 5 minutes and remove it so that they learn to eat when fed, not to graze as this can reduce appetite and increase the risk of resource guarding which can then lead to guarding toys etc.


Only feed treats at training times and make your puppy sit before giving them so that he earns them. Small pieces of cheese, cooked chicken or ham work well but be wary of branded versions as many contain sugar and are not that healthy. Single ribs of lamb or chicken wings can be fed raw/frozen (after 2 weeks freezing). Hard rubber chews and Kongs are good but no Rawhide or cooked bone ever!