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Show Quality

Shelley's Dajean Kennels have a 40 year history of breeding top quality dogs.

 After helping my mother breed and show her poodles and toydogs then briefly keeping and showing my own Standard Smooth Dachshunds in my teens I started with Bullmastiffs in 1982 (achieving Top-Breeder twice and breeding the top winning bitch in the breed, top-winning brother and sister, along with numerous champions and CC winners over 20 years) until spinal surgery forced me to downsize. 
​ I rarely show nowadays as my health makes travelling difficult but still aim to breed showable companions from show-quality stock and am now concentrating this expertise mainly on a smaller breed, namely Miniature Wire-haired Dachshunds. 
We aim to produce quality, good-looking puppies with excellent temperaments and outgoing, friendly personalities.
​ We also keep gundogs who are worked on the local estate throughout each season.
We are breeding for Type, Temperament and Soundness, believing that all are necessary to produce a healthy, friendly dog thas looks the part and fulfills the need for a companion dog while still capable of performing its original function. Our pups are born and reared in our home in the Norfolk countryside alongside our three children and other dogs. They are introduced to the outside world at 6 weeks, to meet our chickens, get used to the outdoors sights and  sounds and so learn to toilet in the right place, This means they are house-trained very easily. We try to prepare our pups for all eventualities and expose them to as much as possible to give them confidence and the experiences that will help them become well-rounded family members. If you are looking for a friendly, happy, healthy family dog that still knows what it's job is and looks beautiful too, this is what we are striving to breed. Puppies are occasionally available to discerning people who appreciate the care and attention given to producing top-quality stock reared with no expense spared so that they make the best companions and life-long friends.
  We expect to have a litter of Miniature Wire-haired Dachshunds soon. Please join my Facebook page 'Dajean Miniature Wire Dachshunds' to get updates.



Top Quality Health-tested Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund Puppies and Stud dogs 

I show the dogs with some success. Here my two dogs won  BoB, R.BoB  BP and RBPIS at a club show.

We offer well bred studs in miniature wire dachshunds, bitches can be accommodated if needed.

All of our pups are reared on the best British made food, inoculated and micro-chipped, with a full info pack when sold.

All of our breeding stock is tested for Lafora's epilepsy and P.R.A to ensure you a healthy puppy. Some are scored for ivdd.